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you can watch my youtube videos about my cheats in action at

3ds Mario Kart 7

Cheats Progress Weekly Posted on Thu, January 21, 2016 16:06:56 also found some big wheels

Black Ops III Dead Ops II Arcade

Cheats Progress Weekly Posted on Fri, November 27, 2015 20:47:14

this was so cool to generate ( shame it happend randomly) but the controls was hard to play with.

I wish Treyarch would put this in as a reward bonus.

see video

Call Of Duty Black Ops 3

Cheats Progress Weekly Posted on Wed, November 11, 2015 06:12:47

Been fooling around with this first class shooter for the pc and i’m trying to make a trainer with unlimited ammo and no reload.

got some cloacking on certain levels.

i know now how to cloack on all levels and on multiplayer.

watch this space.

Super Mario Generations

Cheats Progress Weekly Posted on Mon, November 09, 2015 09:07:58

Some people have managed to put Mario and Luigi into the game Sonic Generations for the PC and now i’m trying to make cheats for it with Cheat Engine.
At the moment i have alot of coins and always full boost.

Because the pointers for this game are random there is no way to make a trainer but i can make a video.
I just found the high jump and if i jump too high i get graphical glitches.